Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life Books

What are the books that, in some aspect, define you? Think about who you are in terms of spirituality, love, economics, values, worldview--the list could go on and on. These might be non-fiction, self-help, fiction, picture books, children's books, etc. Give us your life in books.

This was actually a lot more difficult than I'd expected, but here are my books (or at least some of them - some categories I just couldn't find any for).

The Bible (Everything) Obviously :)

Do You Think I'm Beautiful (Self) I think it's truer to say that this book defines how I'd LIKE to think about myself. It's a book about finding worth in yourself, because you're a diamond in the eyes of God. It teaches not to let your feeling of self depend upon the accept of other people, but on God. I'd like to be able to live it someday.

Little Women (Family) I'm the oldest of four girls, and have grown up in a very loving home environment where Christianity played a huge part. While there are of course big differences between the life of the Marches and that of the Tonderings, the love and comradeship described fits my family quite well :) The characters of the girls also, although not quite in the same order. While I'm Meg and Mixi's Amy, I'd say Nina's Beth and Bekka's Jo rather than the other way around ;)

The Yada-Yada Prayer Group (Religion) My faith is a natural part of my every day life. It's a very big deal in that it means everything to me. It's not a big deal in that it's not a 'show' I put on, it's part of who I am. Praying should (but doesn't always) come as natural as breathing, and worshipping God should (and thankfully often does) make me lift my hands to the sky and unable to stand still. Now I 'just' need the last part - surrendering completely to Him and His will.

Outlander (Love/Marriage) Actually probably the entire series and not just this one book. Marriage isn't all flowers and sunshine. It's hard work at times. But even though you get mad and fight occasionally, at the end of the day you belong together. Two things in particular I got from (or at least was reminded of by) this book: 1) To have a good marriage, you have to be best friends as well. 2) A marriage has room for secrets, but not for lies.

Under the Tuscan Sun (Travelling) The best way to travel is to get to see the country as the natives see it. It's seldom possible, but once in awhile you're given the chance to do just that - and a country viewed that way will never again be the same. For Frances Mayes it was Italy, for me it was New Zealand, but the experience was the same.

So Many Books, So Little Time (Books) The title says it all ;)

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