Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Je-fa-fa Dunham

Seeing Jeff Dunham live was AMAZING!!! Sure, there were a lot of repeat jokes from his earlier shows, but he had enough new material and Denmark-specific jokes to make it more than worth it :-D Unfortunately if/when the shows comes on DVD (I'm leaning towards 'when'), the Danish-specific jokes will probably have been left out... unless they make the decision to make it a "tour dvd" and have the country-specific sections as extra material! That'd be cool! :) But I don't think that'll happen. Never mind, youtube will probably have it ;)

Brian Hanes/Guitar Guy (from the Christmas show + youtube) was the opening act, and he was a LOT funnier than I had expected. A very pleasant surprise and a good laugh. He'd looked through the newspaper to find some material for Denmark, and had come up with the following lyrics:
It's springtime in Denmark, the sun's coming out
The flowers are blooming, leaves are starting to sprout
But I'm so sad, I wish I felt finer
Because our little mermaid is going to China

I'll try to be strong, I'll try to be brave
As Hans Christian Andersen rolls in his grave
When she goes away my heart will be bleeding
But I'd rather have her in China than over in Sweden

As part of his intro Jeff Dunham commented on the "Carlsberg - probably the best beer in town" commercial. "You guys are too nice! Probably the best beer in town, but if you don't like it, try something else." Hehehe :D

Walter was unfortunately mostly old jokes, as was José Jalapeños, but Achmed and Peanut had a lot of new material, and were HILARIOUS. I occasionally got so winded from laughing that I had to sit and gasp for air, and Lars practically had tears rolling down his cheeks the entire time. It was beyond words excellent :)

The very best bit was actually the encore. He hadn't originally planned on bringing Bubba J (at least, that's what he said...), but had discovered on Facebook and Youtube that he was actually really popular here. Most of Bubba J's bit was direct quotes from his act in "Arguing With Myself", BUT! the audience started shouting Bubba J's lines along with him! Causing Jeff Dunham to not be able to finish his own lines for laughing, "You guys are gonna make me cry!" I know he's had the same happen to him in the US (at least according to Wikipedia), but perhaps he hadn't realized that his fan base in Denmark is every bit as obsessed (in the good way ;) ) ... either that, or even his spontaneous burst of laughter was planned, so I prefer to think otherwise.

Apparently we were his largest show outside the US (~10.000 tickets sold. The place was PACKED). I find it really, really cool that teeny-tiny Denmark could beat LONDON in number of tickets sold! Our venue was twice as large as their, and sold out! Bodes well for our chances of him returning some day. And when he does - I'm so there! :-D We're actually looking into where he's touring in August when we're in the US anyway, and he IS on the right side of the country (in CT to be exact), but that might just be a 'tad' too much money to spend. But if we suddenly win Lotto.... ;-)

Absolutely brilliant. And worth every penny!

On the way out Mixi noticed we were walking right next to Thomas Hartmann - my favourite Danish comedian!!! :-) I was so tempted to go say something to him, but didn't want to interrupt on a private night out. Something I half regret now, but really - what could I have said, that wouldn't just be comparing him to Jeff Dunham? So probably for the best.

Lars and I are quoting Jeff Dunham to each other non-stop. Good thing we BOTH went to see it, or we'd be driving each other CRAZY ;-)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Colouring Outside the Lines

Synesthesia has always fascinated me. Granted, I didn't know there actually was a word for it until a year or two ago, but the concept is something I've been familiar with ever since I first started learning numbers and letters. The interest has been rekindled lately by discovering a YA novel on the topic ("A Mango-Shaped Space" by Wendy Mass). Apparently it's genetic and more typical in women (check) and left-handed people (check).

Synesthesia is the scientific term for "mixing up" senses - sounds and feelings have colour, letters and numbers have personality, colours have texture. To those who don't experience it themselves, it sounds absolutely crazy, but to those who do, it's as real as any other colour, sound or feeling.

Most of these are foreign to me, but when I first learned my numbers I was convinced that they had personalities. In general even numbers were bad and odd numbers were nice. I never could figure out 4 though, because it was even but behaved odd.

I don't actually see colours when reading numbers, but definitely associate numbers with colours on a subconscious level. All odd numbers are black, 0 is blue, 2 is yellow, 4 is a very vivid green, 6 is red and 8 is orange. All numbers larger than 9 are then combinations of these.

I see spatial calendars. I think this is very much influenced by the way calendars are actually portrayed everywhere, so I don't know if this is part of the synesthesia or just habit. When thinking of the days in a year I see a big calendar with a column for each month and a row for each day. The columns stretch out to infinity with January of the following year being to the right of December of the current year. The further away from "now" they are, the smaller they get, until they're too tiny to be seen. The weekends are different visually from the days of the week, but whether they're a different colour or just smaller, I can't quite describe. When thinking of the days in a week I see a typical time-table with a column for each day and a row for each hour. Again the columns stretch to infinity with one week following the other, and again the weekends are different visually.

I can write with both hands at the same time. Only the same words, but I can mirror one at will. The most natural for writing with both hands is to write 'correctly' with my right hand and mirrored with my left.

Some letters have personalities ('M' is friendly, obviously, 'B' is a bully etc.), but not all, and none of them have colours. I definitely don't see colours and shapes in the air when hearing sounds, nor do I taste colours or see word-pictures like some other synesthetes do. So if what I have is synesthesia, it's obviously a very mild 'case' of it. I can only imagine how it must be for 'real' synesthetes - it must be fascinating... and probably also slightly distracting at times.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bøger læst i marts

Armstrong, Kelley: Stolen (Woman of the Underworld, Book 2), 8/10

Canavan, Trudi: Priestess of the White (Age of the Five 1), 7/10
Card, Orson Scott: Enchantment, 10/10
Cast, P.C. & Kristin: Marked, 8/10
Cloud, Henry & Townsend, John: Boundaries, 7/10
Cristofano, David: The Girl She Used to Be, 7/10

Follett, Ken: The Pillars of the Earth, 9/10

Hale, Shannon: The Book of a Thousand Days, 8/10

McIntosh, Fiona: Odalisque, 8/10
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: The Blue Castle, 10/10

Pierce, Tamora: Melting Stones (Circle Reforged 1), 7/10

Schlink, Bernhard: Højtlæseren (The Reader), 8/10

Book of the month: Enchantment