Monday, June 30, 2008

Bøger læst i juni

Alliott, Catherine: Rosie Meadows Regrets, 9/10
Applegate, K.A.: Animorphs #1-10, 7/10

Binchy, Maeve: Whitethorn Woods, 7/10
Blackman, Malorie: Knife Edge, 8/10
Bowen, Claire: Sorry, the Stork Takes No Returns, 8/10

Dellosso, Mike: The Hunted, 9/10

Eggehorn, Ylva: Saras latter (Sara's Laughter), 6/10

Hosseini, Khaled: A Thousand Spendid Suns, 9/10

L'Engel, Madeleine: A Wrinkle in Time, 7/10

Pilcher, Rosamunde: Wild Mountain Thyme, 6/10
Potter, Alexandra: Me and Mr. Darcy, 8/10

Rowling, J.K.: Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen, 10/10

Månedens bog: Shriver, Lionel: We Need To Talk About Kevin, 10/10
Smith, Alexander McCall: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 8/10

White, E.B.: Charlotte's Web, 6/10
Wolff, Isabel: Behaving Badly, 9/10
Wyss, Johann David: Swiss Family Robinson, 7/10

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Visiting Todbjerg

As always, we had a wonderful time with Nina, Christian and the kids. Lars and I arrived late'ish Monday evening, so Miriam was asleep, but Isabella and Jordan had been kept up to say hello to us before going to bed which was nice. Christian, Nina, Lars and I sat up talking for awhile - catching up on our lives - until getting ready for bed ourselves.

The next morning I woke already at 7am (yes, I get up at the same time when visiting Nina et al as when going to work - go figure ;) ) and could hear that at least two kids were up and about, so quickly got dressed and went downstairs (the guestroom is upstairs to give as much privacy as possible) in time to say goodbye to Christian before he left for work, and help Nina feed Miriam and Jordan. Unlike her two siblings Isabella isn't a morning person and didn't get up for another hour or so ;)

After a cozy morning of playing and getting reacquainted, we packed our bags after lunch and took the bus to a kid friendly pool in the area. Fortunately all kids LOVE taking the bus, or the 45 min drive could have been torturous. Lars entertained Isabella, I sat with Jordan and Nina got stuck with Miriam ;) After some initial hesitation the kids quickly took to the water, and we had lots of fun there.

When we came home we discovered that Christian's brother, SIL and their two kids had come to visit, so Nina and I made waffles for all of us :D Christian's brother and SIL were going out that evening, so we babysat their two kids, and the five of them had a great time together.

Lars and Miriam bonded wonderfully all that evening, and he got to put on her pyjamas and even brush her teeth. He was going to tuck her in too, which I thought would be great practise ;) but unfortunately she's going through a phase where ONLY her dad is 'good enough', so Christian had to take over. I was a bit disappointed about that, but Lars took it well enough, and commented that Christian gave up before he did. I'm glad he wasn't discouraged :)

The two oldest were quickly put to bed too, and Lars and I got to introduce Nina and Christian to Jeff Dunham and "Arguing With Myself" :D

Wednesday morning I ended up being a bit discouraged, because neither Miriam nor Jordan wanted to have anything to do with me. I know kids well enough not to take it personally, but it was still disappointing. Once Isabella woke up she was happy enough to have me help her get breakfast though, and the others soon warmed up too. The weather was gorgeous so Lars and I took the kids outside and played with them there. Miriam loves running back and forth between us and throwing herself in our arms - she's so affectionate and such a charmer :)

After lunch we once again went to town, because Lars had arranged to take Isabella and Jordan out to look at the trains! Jordan is almost as fascinated by trains as Lars, and of course Isabella didn't want to be left out, and they all actually ended up having a great time. I was just grateful for this chance for Lars to bond with the kids - they looked so cute walking off together, this TALL guy with two small kids only just reaching past his knees. Cute :D

We went our separate ways after that, as Lars and I had a train to catch, and Nina drove home with the kids. As always, a wonderful couple of days :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Match Race

Monday my 'team' at work (the CRM team) had a social event. I love my colleagues and we ended up having a BRILLIANT time.

It all started at 11:50am when three taxis came and took us to a nearby harbour where we were going match-racing! After a quick (VERY quick) introduction to the boats, we were separated into 3 teams and had another 10 minutes to get to know the boat before the first race. Sailing the matchrace boats was hard work but so much fun! Whenever we turned to sail cross-wind we'd tilt so much I was at first scared we'd go overboard, but of course that's just 'how it is' and we never did. We had time for three races, and my group won two of them, despite being the only team who switched places in between races. Weee :-D

My arms were insanely sore the next day though.

The original plan had been to sit by the waterside and enjoy the weather for a few hours afterwards, but unfortunately it was spitting, so not really an option. Instead my boss had made a call to the local Microsoft branch and had obtained permission to use their lounge (complete with couches, xbox, drinks and sandwiches) instead - working for a MS-friendly company does have its perks ;)

We ended the evening on a very small but VERY good Italian restaurant. Delicious food and entertaining company :) It could only have been better if it hadn't been a Monday so we could've stayed out late with a clear conscience ;)

A couple of Match-Racing photos...

The natural tilt of the boat

Trying to keep it level...

Sailing is hard work!

But there's also time to sit and relax

All three boats

We're the one in front ;)

We won!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have a reputation to uphold

I just received a call from Jakob about a maths problem. When a conversation starts: "It's well known, that you and Uncle Claus are best at maths in this family..." it becomes a matter of pride to be able to answer it.

And fortunately I could :) After all, he's only in 8th grade, so it wasn't terribly difficult, just one of the more obscure trig formulas around.

I'm dorky enough to really miss maths, so I'm glad Jakob is now approaching an age where he may just need my help :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Retreat - three weeks later

I'm currently reading a book on the Saviour's Reef and a suggestion of how to use it for meditation, and it got me thinking. I honestly hadn't thought it would be the case, but I miss being on Morfar's retreat. It's been almost 3 weeks, so I can no longer blame it on feeling 'alone' after being together with so many people (the 'Day After Syndrome' that so often attacks the day after any good camp, party or happening).

Truthfully, I can't say what part of it I miss... it may very well 'just' be hanging out with my sisters and their kids - you know how much I love them :) but I have a feeling that part of it is also the chance to slow waaaay down and just concentrate on what's important. Morfar radiated such peace when he held the meditation sessions, that although I've yet to 'figure out' how to meditate, I still feel like I benefited from it.

I really should make the time to slow down like that more often. While reading helps, being at home with all the usual chores doesn't. I'll have to see what I can figure out.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Manglende selvdiciplin = ondt i ryggen

Jeg har et dårligt ben.

Det er bare 'stating a fact' og ikke noget jeg tænker over til daglig. Jeg klarer min hverdag uden problemer og uden at tænke over det. Jeg synes altid det er interessent når jeg hører nye historier om min tid på hospitalet, ting jeg har glemt (eller de ikke syntes der var grund til at jeg vidste dengang - som HVOR syg jeg egentlig var f.eks.) fra Morten, Mor eller Far, og jo, selvfølgelig lægger jeg mærke til at jeg har et ar der vinder alle konkurrencer på min ene læg, og et andet - bare for at prale - på mit andet lår, but so what? Det betyder bare, at der er det mindre at skulle barbere, og at jeg altid har noget at imponere og skræmme små børn med.

Men i praksis? At jeg ikke liiiige kan løbe så godt som andre, at jeg går med speciel-sko og har en stok stående i hjørnet - en stok som jeg rent faktisk bruger til andet end klæd-ud på trods af at jeg kun er 28? Nej, det kunne ikke være mere ligegyldigt.

Hvilket desværre betyder at jeg ind i mellem glemmer at jeg er nødt til at tage hensyn. Det er så svært at finde gode sandaler og sommersko der kan komme gænge under, så ind i mellem tager jeg 'almindelige' sko på. Jeg har efterhånden lært at lytte nok til min krop og vide hvornår jeg skal skifte tilbage til gænge igen, for at undgå at få ondt i ryggen.

... det nytter bare ikke noget, når man så går ned og træner for at være sund, og derfor fremprovokerer resultatet.

Av! I det mindste ved jeg hvad det er, og hvad der skal gøres og er derfor ikke bekymret - det måtte bare godt gå lidt hurtigere. Måske man skulle udnytte firma-forsikring og få henvisning til en kiropraktor.... ;)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bøger læst i maj

Jeg har læst en masse rigtig gode bøger i maj. Tror 7/10 er den laveste karakter :)

Alcott, Louisa May: Eight Cousins, 10/10
Alcott, Louisa May: Rose In Bloom, 9/10
Ali, Ayaan Hirsi: Infidel, 9/10

Chang, Jung: Wild Swans, 9/10
Chapman, Gary: The Five Love Languages, 10/10

Green, Melody: No Compromise, 8/10
Gruen, Sara: Water for Elephants, 9/10

Henderson, Dee: The Truth Seeker, 7/10

Kaye, M.M.: The Ordinary Princess, 9/10
Kingsolver, Barbara: The Poisonwood Bible, 7/10

Månedens bog Martel, Yann: Life of Pi, 10/10
Meyer, Stephenie: The Host, 10/10
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Across the Miles, 9/10

Nesbit, Edith: Nine Unlikely Tales for Children, 9/10

Pierce, Tamora: Shatterglass (Circle Opens #4), 8/10

Stewart, Mariah: Mercy Street, 8/10

Winfield, Jess: My Name is Will, 8/10


I'm back after a lovely weekend together with my family and friends. It was filled with funny and sweet episodes.

I arrived at the retreat at 7pm after a long but really easy drive. Wasn't half as bad as I'd expected, as Lars had found a very simple route for me to go (nothing but numbered roads - didn't have to remember a single street name, but just memories a list of numbers. THAT I can do ;) ), so I just plugged in my audiobook and headed off.

Once there the others were just finished eating, so I got myself settled and played with Isabella, Jordan and Anne while I waited. Anne is my 12-year-old cousin and she's just wonderful with the kids. She loves playing with them, and they absolutely adore her. Probably because she's young enough to play after their rules ;) It was great to see them together all weekend.

The retreat was a mixture of meditation, fun and relaxation which worked a lot better than I had feared. I love the idea of meditation in theory but in practise I just can't seem to understand how to go about it, so I had been a bit apprehensive about how it'd go. Fortunately the 'scheduled' meditation sessions were all relatively short, so even the ones (like me) who had no clue what they were doing didn't get too bored ;)

Friday we were introduced to each other and to the Saviour Reef which the retreat would focus on. After the evening devotional/meditation us four girls went to sit in Rebekka and Peter's room and just talked for hours. We so seldom have time for that kind of girl-bonding, so it was great to have the opportunity for it before we went to bed.

Saturday morning we started the day with another devotional before breakfast and after that Mum, Dad and I took Isabella and Jordan to the beach to play for awhile. The water was ICY cold, but the kids didn't seem to mind not going in for a swim and had lots of fun playing in the sand. Jordan was afraid of the waves and told me he needed Lars to protect him, but after awhile he got used to them and was almost as fearless as Isabella ;)

Lars arrived just before lunch and Christian just after, joining us for the prilgrim's walk in a nearby forest. I spent most of that walk helping Nina take care of the kids, but had time to enjoy the scenery as it was absolutely gorgeous. Jordan absolutely adores Lars and kept asking for him which was just sweet :)

Dinner that evening was the celebration of Morfar's birthday - great food and some really eloquent speeches, once again reminding me why I am so proud of my Morfar. He'll help anybody in need with no thought for any form of gain for himself. Among the guests were an ex-Buddist he'd met in India, a couple from church he'd been a big part of bringing to Christ and a lady from church he'd been showing a lot of support lately.

The evening devotional Saturday was probably the most powerful event of the entire weekend. At least it was the devotional I benefited the most from. Jordan and Miriam had been put to bed, but Isabella had been allowed to stay up until it finished. She immediately ran to Morfar (her great-grandfather) to sit on his lap. He ended up holding the entire devotional and meditation with her on his lap, and she never stirred or fidgeted. She just sat quietly with his arm around her, listening to what he had to say. She's only 4! I'm impressed.

For the meditation part of it Morfar asked Jakob to improvise something on the guitar to play. The theme was peace and carefreeness and the mixture of his playing and Isabella on Morfar's lap put me in the perfect mood for it. Absolutely amazing.

Isabella did NOT want to go to bed afterwards, but wanted to stay in church! I told her we'd be having another devotional the next morning, this time concentrating on the two love pearls. "This one is to remember that Jesus loves you, and that one is to remember the people you love. Who do you love, Isabella?" "Auntie Ma'ia" she answered. I just about melted ♥

I sat around talking a bit with Morten, Christian, Mum, Dad, Morfar, Michala and Norman (the ex-buddist) afterwards, but was pretty tired, so soon went to bed.

Sunday morning I woken up early and was lying listening to my audiobook when I received a text message from Nina asking me to come play with her and the kids. Don't have to twist my arm ;) Turned out she'd also woken Anne up by sending her a similar text, because immediately after Jordan woke up he'd asked "Play with Anne? Where's Anne? Play with Anne?" She didn't mind either ;)

The rest of the day was spent pretty much like Sunday with different devotionals and lots of good food. Isabella has cast all her love on Morfar and wanted to sit with him for lunch, and behaved exceptionally well :)

The weather was absolutely AMAZING (which was a good thing as we'd all have gone stir-crazy if it had rained) so a bunch of us just sat around on the deck and talked while Morfar read aloud to Isabella (one of the others took the sweetest photo of it. I'll have to get her to send it to me), the 'big boys' played soccer with Jordan and Norman treated me to a foot-rub :-D Doesn't get much better than that.

It had been a wonderfully relaxing weekend, so we were actually all rather reluctant to leave. Before they drove off, Isabella kept asking her mum when Uncle Lars and Auntie 'Ria would come visit and take them swimming (we've never done that before, so I don't know how she got that idea, but hey, whatever works ;) ), so I've taken a couple of days off work next month, and we've arranged to go there then. I'm looking forward to it already :)