Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Match Race

Monday my 'team' at work (the CRM team) had a social event. I love my colleagues and we ended up having a BRILLIANT time.

It all started at 11:50am when three taxis came and took us to a nearby harbour where we were going match-racing! After a quick (VERY quick) introduction to the boats, we were separated into 3 teams and had another 10 minutes to get to know the boat before the first race. Sailing the matchrace boats was hard work but so much fun! Whenever we turned to sail cross-wind we'd tilt so much I was at first scared we'd go overboard, but of course that's just 'how it is' and we never did. We had time for three races, and my group won two of them, despite being the only team who switched places in between races. Weee :-D

My arms were insanely sore the next day though.

The original plan had been to sit by the waterside and enjoy the weather for a few hours afterwards, but unfortunately it was spitting, so not really an option. Instead my boss had made a call to the local Microsoft branch and had obtained permission to use their lounge (complete with couches, xbox, drinks and sandwiches) instead - working for a MS-friendly company does have its perks ;)

We ended the evening on a very small but VERY good Italian restaurant. Delicious food and entertaining company :) It could only have been better if it hadn't been a Monday so we could've stayed out late with a clear conscience ;)

A couple of Match-Racing photos...

The natural tilt of the boat

Trying to keep it level...

Sailing is hard work!

But there's also time to sit and relax

All three boats

We're the one in front ;)

We won!

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Det ser ualmindeligt spændende ud. Der er visse fordele ved at arbejde ;-)