Thursday, June 26, 2008

Visiting Todbjerg

As always, we had a wonderful time with Nina, Christian and the kids. Lars and I arrived late'ish Monday evening, so Miriam was asleep, but Isabella and Jordan had been kept up to say hello to us before going to bed which was nice. Christian, Nina, Lars and I sat up talking for awhile - catching up on our lives - until getting ready for bed ourselves.

The next morning I woke already at 7am (yes, I get up at the same time when visiting Nina et al as when going to work - go figure ;) ) and could hear that at least two kids were up and about, so quickly got dressed and went downstairs (the guestroom is upstairs to give as much privacy as possible) in time to say goodbye to Christian before he left for work, and help Nina feed Miriam and Jordan. Unlike her two siblings Isabella isn't a morning person and didn't get up for another hour or so ;)

After a cozy morning of playing and getting reacquainted, we packed our bags after lunch and took the bus to a kid friendly pool in the area. Fortunately all kids LOVE taking the bus, or the 45 min drive could have been torturous. Lars entertained Isabella, I sat with Jordan and Nina got stuck with Miriam ;) After some initial hesitation the kids quickly took to the water, and we had lots of fun there.

When we came home we discovered that Christian's brother, SIL and their two kids had come to visit, so Nina and I made waffles for all of us :D Christian's brother and SIL were going out that evening, so we babysat their two kids, and the five of them had a great time together.

Lars and Miriam bonded wonderfully all that evening, and he got to put on her pyjamas and even brush her teeth. He was going to tuck her in too, which I thought would be great practise ;) but unfortunately she's going through a phase where ONLY her dad is 'good enough', so Christian had to take over. I was a bit disappointed about that, but Lars took it well enough, and commented that Christian gave up before he did. I'm glad he wasn't discouraged :)

The two oldest were quickly put to bed too, and Lars and I got to introduce Nina and Christian to Jeff Dunham and "Arguing With Myself" :D

Wednesday morning I ended up being a bit discouraged, because neither Miriam nor Jordan wanted to have anything to do with me. I know kids well enough not to take it personally, but it was still disappointing. Once Isabella woke up she was happy enough to have me help her get breakfast though, and the others soon warmed up too. The weather was gorgeous so Lars and I took the kids outside and played with them there. Miriam loves running back and forth between us and throwing herself in our arms - she's so affectionate and such a charmer :)

After lunch we once again went to town, because Lars had arranged to take Isabella and Jordan out to look at the trains! Jordan is almost as fascinated by trains as Lars, and of course Isabella didn't want to be left out, and they all actually ended up having a great time. I was just grateful for this chance for Lars to bond with the kids - they looked so cute walking off together, this TALL guy with two small kids only just reaching past his knees. Cute :D

We went our separate ways after that, as Lars and I had a train to catch, and Nina drove home with the kids. As always, a wonderful couple of days :)

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Anonymous said...

Tak for kommentarerne til at sublere billederne. Det er så hyggeligt at følge med i jeres samvær på den måde.
Knus, mor