Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All good things must come to an end...

... også mit anmelderjob for Armchair Interviews. Jeg har lige fået en e-mail om at de lukker ned. Det blev for meget arbejde for dem der organiserede det, og nu mente de at det var tid for dem at stoppe.

Æv! Jeg har nydt at arbejde for dem, og er blevet introduceret for så mange nye gode forfattere og bøger gennem dem. Det vil jeg savne!

Ah well. I det mindste har jeg stadig Tellerup, så det er ikke fordi jeg vil løbe tør for læsestof liiiige med det samme ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NYC - Part 10 of 10

Thankfully Lars managed to sleep off the headache, and was feeling a lot better this morning. He'd done the last bit of his train-riding yesterday and was happy to spend the time with me. I still had a few last things I wanted to cross off my list, so off we went.

Our first stop was the NYPD museum down south of Wall Street. I'd found that in my guide book, and thought it sounded interesting. On the way there we discovered a Borders that had completely hidden itself the last time I'd walked past there, so naturally we had to go browse there for awhile too ;) Didn't buy anything though - they didn't have the book I was looking for, and Lars wasn't terribly impressed by the selection of trainbooks either ;) Now that I'm back home I regret not buying more books while I had the chance, but I was trying to be sensible... Ah well, next time ;)

Half of the NYPD museum was really interesting and half was really boring - but I guess that's always the case. Reading about the measures being taken in the fight against terrorism was absolutely fascinating, and I did find the history of the NYPD very interesting as well - for instance that it underwent a complete rehaul in 18-something after the public discovered that the police refused to investigate a murder until a reward had been offered!!! I also enjoyed reading about the well-known criminals of NYC. The museum was stationed in an old police station which leant nicely to the atmosphere. And now Lars can say that he's had his mug shot taken at a police station in NYC! ;)

We decided to head back to Grand Central to find some lunch there (I really liked their food court... Denmark could learn something from that!) and afterwards I bought a smoothie and snuggled up with a book, so I could send Lars off to peruse the different tracks of the station. Don't ask me why - I don't know either. He managed to spend about an hour and a half though, giving me lots of time to read, so we were both happy :)

We felt pretty much sated and 'done' with the city at this point, so headed back to the hotel to pack and relax awhile before dinner. I was adamant that I did NOT want to have the last dinner somewhere I might as well find in Denmark, so I'd checked out the location of John's Pizzeria (which was recommended to me by one of you guys... sorry, I can't remember who) to try what was allegedly the best pizza in NYC.

...Well, I don't know about the pizza being the best (either that, or NYC pizza is just not nearly as good as Danish pizza... which of course may very well be the case ;) ). Certainly it was good, but it was the atmosphere that blew me away. Both Lars and I gaped as we entered the restaurant, because it was certainly NOT what we had expected. Beautiful, large rooms with high-domed ceilings and beautiful wall paintings. Turned out that the pizzeria was situated in an old church, which suddenly made the architecture make a LOT more sense. It was amazing and more than made up for the boring dinner yesterday. Even Lars exclaimed that he was really happy we'd gone here :)

Part 11
I'm just going to tag this on to part 10 as it'll be very short. Basically day 11 consisted of packing, waiting for the shuttle to take us to Newark, driving to Newark, being completely shocked at how boring Newark airport is (I'd expected at least 1 bookstore and was very, very disappointed ;) ), waiting to check in, waiting to board, waiting to take off (because of the weather we waited in line for 45 minutes... although I am grateful that we weren't grounded altogether) and finally flying the 8 hours back to Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was good to be home, but I must say that I do not feel 'done' with NYC at all. It's a lovely place, and I wish we hadn't been there in the middle of a heatwave. I like just walking around a city to 'soak up' the atmosphere, but it was too hot for me to do that this time. I definitely want to go back!

The best part of my vacation? Meeting new old friends. That was brilliant!!! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bøger læst i juli og august

Jeg glemte det sidste måned, så her kommer en bunke bøger jeg har læst de sidste to måneder.

Ansay, A. Manette: Good Things I Wish You, 3/5

Briggs, Patricia: Dragon Bones, 4/5
Brontë, Charlotte: Jane Eyre, 4.5/5
Brown, Sandra: Hello, Darkness, 4.5/5

Cashore, Kristin: Gracelin, 4/5
Cooney, Caroline B.: The Face on the Milk Carton, 3/5
Crow, Lili St.: Strange Angels, 4/5

Dahl, Valborg: De to komtesser, 3.5/5

Elton, Ben: Dead Famous, 4/5

Fantaskey, Beth: Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, 4/5
Farrell, Fiona: Mr. Allbones' Ferrets, 3/5

Haasnic, Cialan: Homegrown, 3/5
Hobb, Robin: Assassin's Apprentice, 5/5
Hobb, Robin: Asassin's Quest, 5/5
Hobb, Robin: Royal Assassin, 4.5/5

Jacobs, Kate: The Friday Night Knitting Club, 4.5/5
Jackson, Neta: The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Decked Out, 5/5
Jackson, Neta: The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling, 5/5

Kidd, Sue Monk: The Secret Life of Bees, 3.5/5

Meyer, Stephenie: Midnight Sun, 3.5/5

Quinn, Julia: The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, 3.5/5

Robb, Candace: The Cross-Legged Knight, 3/5

Sleator, William: Singularity, 4.5/5
Smith, L.J.: The Vampire Diaries Volume I: The Awakening and The Struggle, 3/5

Wharton, Edith: The House of Mirth, 3/5

NYC - Part 9

Katie had recommended the NYFD museum as well worth a visit so after a quick breakfast, Lars and I decided to head down there to check that out.

And I have to agree with . Definitely worth a visit. I'm not terribly interested in fire fighters myself, but Lars is, and he enjoyed reading about the history and seeing the different fire trucks (I didn't care much about those, so I have no pictures of them).

For me, personally, the highlight was seeing the 9/11 memorial... although I don't know if "highlight" is the right word. It sounds too positive for something as utterly devastating. Lars and I spent a very long time in there, and we were both in tears by the time we were through. Not that it was a big memorial, but it's so incredibly poignant that it just drew us in. We were rendered speechless.

After the museum Lars and I jumped on the A train to take it all the way through Brooklyn and out to Queens on the other side. This took us past JFK and through Jamaica Wildlife Refuge. I'd wanted to go partly to be able to say I'd been in all 5 boroughs and partly to see this, but in fact there was a lot less TO see than I'd expected - just marshland really. I did regret not bringing our togs though, because it was HOT and Rockaway Beach would have been a great place to visit!

On the way back, Lars decided he wanted to take a trip to New Jersey, and I wanted to walk across Brooklyn Bridge (we'd seen it from Manhattan one of the previous days, but as Lars didn't really know how it would be for his vertigo, he didn't want to join me there), so he dropped me off at High Street and we went our separate ways again. On High Street station I saw the narrowest escalator EVER! Unfortunately there weren't any people standing ahead of me, so it's hard to gauge the scale, but there would NOT be room for two people standing next to each other! Still haven't seen any escalators as long as the one at Namesty Mero station in Prague though ;)

The walk across Brooklyn Bridge was a LOT longer than I had expected. The guidebook I had said that the river was 500m wide, but either it was completely off, or the bridge itself was a LOT longer than that (or both) - I think Lars read 2km somewhere, and that I'll believe :) Originally I'd thought to take the train to Brooklyn Bridge station and then walk back and forth, but I'm glad Lars talked me out of that, because I was absolutely exhausted and far too warm for comfort after just going one way. I'm glad I went though. The view was absolutely magnificent.

My legs were hurting quite bad at this time (I know I've been writing this at the end of practically every day, and it definitely was the case, but I just want to state - for the record ;) - that it was nowhere near as bad as it would have been without the crutch, and the pain disappeared overnight, so I was "good as gold" the next morning. That has NEVER been the case before. I cannot stress this enough. THE CRUTCH WORKED MIRACLES!!!! I am SO thankful! :) ) so after a quick detour through Times Square (I think that's possibly my favourite part of NYC :) ) I went back to the hotel for a shower and a nap before Lars came home.

Unfortunately Lars came home with a raging headache not too long after - complete with full-blown migraine symptoms (he's never had a migraine before, so I don't think that's what it was, but his symptoms definitely resembled mine). I didn't feel right about leaving him, and he definitely wasn't in any condition to go anywhere, so I ended up going up to Times Square and getting take away McDs for both of us. Not my first choice of food, and I did consider getting something less boring for me (or just something that I wouldn't have been able to get in Denmark), but didn't want to leave Lars for longer than necessary, so McDs it was. The things you do for your loved ones ;) Lars went to bed not long after, in the hopes that he could 'sleep off' the headache.