Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bøger læst i marts

Armstrong, Kelley: Stolen (Woman of the Underworld, Book 2), 8/10

Canavan, Trudi: Priestess of the White (Age of the Five 1), 7/10
Card, Orson Scott: Enchantment, 10/10
Cast, P.C. & Kristin: Marked, 8/10
Cloud, Henry & Townsend, John: Boundaries, 7/10
Cristofano, David: The Girl She Used to Be, 7/10

Follett, Ken: The Pillars of the Earth, 9/10

Hale, Shannon: The Book of a Thousand Days, 8/10

McIntosh, Fiona: Odalisque, 8/10
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: The Blue Castle, 10/10

Pierce, Tamora: Melting Stones (Circle Reforged 1), 7/10

Schlink, Bernhard: Højtlæseren (The Reader), 8/10

Book of the month: Enchantment

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