Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Visit to the Doctor

About a month ago my bad leg caused me quite a bit of pain. I felt it was worse than usual, and feared how on earth I'd manage a 10-day sightseeing/shopping trip to NYC. My last check-up (for my leg, not in general!) was in 1993, so I figured medical science might have come quite a way since then, and that perhaps there was something that could be done.

I got a time to see my doctor and two days later this happened. I was utterly bewildered and thrown by the "coincidence" and the very interesting timing, but had no idea what to make of it.

Well, my doctor's appointment was yesterday. Lise-Lotte wasn't my doctor back then, so I started out by giving her the bare bones (no pun intended) about what had happened - infection, surgery, limited movement in my ankle etc. etc. (and I have to say it was lots of fun to be able to explain it using the proper medical terms! ;) ). She sounded very interested and was all fired up when I asked if she thought anything could be done. I had expected her to tell me of canes or supportive socks, but she almost told me off when I mentioned that - I wasn't thinking big enough! Instead she wrote an application on my behalf to the orthopedist ward of the hospital I was admitted to "back then" in the hopes that they'd be able to think "big and creative" - possibly by doing a new analysis of my leg to see if anything might be able to be done through surgery or treatments, and if not, then by introducing me to new aids that had been developed/invented since 1993.

She was almost more enthusiastic than I was! She kept saying, "Maria, this is so exciting! Be sure to keep me updated. I want to know when you get an appointment, and I REALLY want to know what happens afterwards. Oh, and don't let them procrastinate on getting back to you - if you haven't heard anything within 2-3 weeks, give me a call and I'll get on it for you. This is so exciting! I'm glad you decided to do something about it finally!" ... I think I may just have turned into a case? ;-)

Anyway, she promised me that if nothing had been done by the time I was leaving for NYC, she'd make sure to find some crutches I could borrow - she seemed very determined that my bad leg shouldn't hinder my shopping and sight-seeing ;) I'm very grateful to her, and curious as to what on earth might happen next.

Who says God's miracles can only happen through supernatural means? He gave us our brains for a reason. Why shouldn't He decide to work in me through the abilities of doctors and the advancement of medical science? I'm cautiously optimistic. I figure that if I have no expectations, I won't get disappointed :-)

I'm glad I didn't just resign myself to the pain though. No matter what, I can say that I tried :)

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