Thursday, August 27, 2009

NYC - Part 5

This is going to be another picture-heavy post. Both Lars and I adore the "Night at the Museum" movies, so of course we had to go to the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH).

We took the subway to AMNH and decided to work our way from the top down. The museum was a lot bigger than I had expected, but a lot more interesting too. I especially liked the exhibits of American and African Mammals. I had NO idea Alaska brown bears were so huge!! Unfortunately I forgot to get Lars to take a photo of them. Ah well, next time ;)

My favourite part would have to be the Polynesian exhibit though. Immediately as we entered the room, I noticed something at the other end of the room. "Look, Dum-Dum!" - cue Lars cracking up! :) They also had a small section on Maori art, which of course I appreciated :)

Oh, and we found Nemo! ;)

We'd contemplated going through Central Park once we were done with the museum, but ended up spending far too much time there, so we would only have had 15 minutes before the zoo closed and deemed it not worth it. Instead we took the train downtown to City Hall as Lars wanted to see that. Unfortunately that too (like the public library) was covered in scaffolding and closed off to the public, so there wasn't much to see. Instead we walked over to Ground Zero as Lars had told me it was just around the corner.

That was a very thrilling experience. There was nothing to see, but like I told Lars, it's the first time "nothing" has given me goosebumps. Seeing a construction site and knowing that 8 years ago it had been the site of 2 sky scrapers. Chilling! Definitely the most poignant experience of our trip. I'm glad we went past.

Both my legs, my wrist (from leaning on the crutch all day) and my head were killing me at this time, so after having walked all the way around Ground Zero (and seen the memorial by the fire station), we decided to head off home. I would have liked to visit St. Paul's Chapel, but again, that'll have to be some other time.

For dinner we ended up at Sbarro on Broadway. I'd wanted to try Olive Garden (we don't have that chain in Denmark), but their wait time was 45 minutes and we were too hungry for that. It was actually okay - better than what I'd expected from a fast food place, and because of the heat I wasn't all that hungry anyway.

And tomorrow I get to meet Jen Smiga!

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