Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bøger læst i marts

Abrams, Douglas Carlton: The Lost Diary of Don Juan, 3/5

Golding, Julia: The Gorgon's Gaze, 4.5/5

Lin, Grace: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, 4/5
Lowry, Lois: Gossamer, 4/5
Lowry, Lois: Number the Stars. 4/5

Mac: Professional Shrink, 5/5
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Anne of the Island, 5/5

Kate, Lauren: Fallen, 3.5/5

Smith, L.J.: The Awakening, 3/5

Thomas, Scarlett: The End of Mr. Y, 4.5/5
Turner, Megan Whalen: The Queen of Attolia, 3.5/5

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