Thursday, January 1, 2009


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As usual I had a wonderful New Year's Eve at Henni's place. We ended up being 8 people in total, though one of the others had to leave around 10'ish, and as usual had a brilliant time. Mixi joined us this year which was excellent, and despite being around 10 years younger than the others, she didn't seem to have any problems fitting in and looked like she was having lots of fun. I'm glad! It was great spending the evening with her.

So lots of good food, happy people, yummy drinks and good fun - how could it not be great? :) Like last year we ended up playing a couple of games of Bezzerwisser after dinner, and like last year I rocked! :D It's funny, really. I generally absolutely suck at knowledge games (hate Trivial Persuit) and Lars has no problems at all beating me, but on NYE I shine ;)

Somehow we'd got talking about old LP albums, and as an aside I mentioned to Mixi, "Oh, by the way, thanks to Dad I've managed to get hold of Le Papa Pengouin as an mp3 if you're interested?"
Frode: "Le Papa Pengouin?"
Lars to Frode: "Don't ask her about the song! She'll just start singing it!"
Me: Sheesh! It's just an old song my sisters and I used to listen to all the time. I think it was Luxembourg's contribution to the Eurovision Grand Prix in 1982.
Frode: "Ah, you mean starts singing *Le Papa Pengoin, le Papa Pengouin, le Papa, le Papa le Papa Pengoin*?"
Me and Mixi: Clapping, ROARING with laughter. YES! You are so cool!!!!
Frode: Pshaw! Who doesn't know that song?!

Frode won the award for the coolest dude ever that day :-D

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