Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bøger læst i september og oktober

Anderson, Laurie Halse: Speak, 3.5/5

Bray, Libby: Rebel Angels, 3/5

*Chima, Cinda Williams: The Demon King, 5/5
Colfer, Eoin: And Another Thing, 3.5/5

Delinsky, Barbara: While My Sister Sleeps, 4.5/5

Herbert, Frank: Dune, 4/5
*Hills, Marion Moore: Deadly Design, 3/5

*Golding, Julie: Secret of the Sirens, 5/5
*Golding, Julie: The Ship Between the Worlds, 3/5
Goodkind, Terry: Naked Empire, 4.5/5
*Guin, Ursula Le: Gifts, 2.5/5

Jackson, Neta: Who Do I Talk To?, 4.5/5

*Lo, Melinda: Ash, 3.5/5
Lowry, Lois: Gathering Blue, 4/5

Maurier, Daphne du: Frenchman's Creek, 3/5
*McIntosh, Fiona: Emissary, 3/5
*McIntosh, Fiona: Royal Exile, 4/5
Meyer, Stephenie: The Host, 5/5
Moers, Walter: The City of Dreaming Books, 4.5/5

Noël, Alyson: Evermore, 3/5

Powell, Julie: Julie & Julia, 4.5/5

Wolke, Robert L.: What Einstein Told His Cook 3.5/5

Yancey, Philip: Prayer, 3/5

Zafón, Carlos Ruiz: The Angel's Game, 3.5/5
Zink, Michelle: Prophecy of the Sisters, 4/5

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