Friday, January 1, 2010

Bøger læst i november og december

Alder-Olsen, Jussi: Flaskepost fra P, 5/5
Andersen, Leif: Ateistisk andagtsbog, 4/5
Armstrong, Kelley: Dime Store Magic, 3.5/5
Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid's Tale, 3.5/5

*Baccalario, Pierdominico: The Door to Time, 3.5/5

*Canavan, Trudi: Last of the Wilds, 4/5
*Clausen, Nick: De døde brødre, 3/5

Dekker, Adam: Adam, 3/5

*Evans, Georgia: Bloody Good, 3/5
*Eybye, Pernille: Mission: Drømmeprins, 2/5

Guhrke, Laura Lee: And Then He Kissed Her, 3/5

*Hahn, Mary Downing: All the Lovely Bad Ones, 2/5
Hayden, Torey: Twilight Children, 4/5
Hesseldahl, Morten: Drager over Kabul, 3/5

*Lord, Gabrielle: January, 2.5/5

Marchetta, Melina: Looking for Alibrandi, 3.5/5
Meyer, Stephenie: Breaking Dawn, 5/5
Meyer, Stephenie: Eclipse, 5/5
Meyer, Stephenie: New Moon, 4.5/5
Montgomery, Lucy Maud: The Doctor's Sweetheart, 3/5
Murakami, Haruki: Kafka on the Shore, 2.5/5

Pattillo, Beth: The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society, 4.5/5
Picoult, Jodi: My Sister's Keeper, 5/5
Pilcher, Rosamunde: Voices in Summer, 4/5

Rigler, Laura: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, 3/5
Robinson, Barbara: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, 4.5/5

Sawyer, Robert L.: Flashforward, 4/5
Stroud, Jonathan: The Amulet of Samarkand, 3/5

*Weis, Margaret: Bones of the Dragon, 2.5/5

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