Friday, October 7, 2011

New York - Day 3

Day 3 is short, but day 4 too long to pair up with anything, so this'll just be short 'n' sweet (hopefully ;o) )

Day 3: Movie Magic
Wednesday, September 28th

Wednesday morning Henni and I jumped on a train to take us downtown to Lower Manhattan. Once again I was struck by the difference between the tube in London and the subway in New York; in London, hardly anybody offered me their seat when I entered with my crutch - instead they furiously ignored me. In New York, I barely had time to enter the carridge before somebody stood up to let me sit. I had not expected this to be the case, but was quite interested to discover that as a rule New Yorkers are more curteous to the disabled than Londoners are. Interesting.

Anyway, once downtown Henni and I went on a shopping and movie-sightseeing spree :-D Henni really wanted to see the street from "Sex in the City", so we went there first (and felt somewhat sorry for the people who actually live there, as they obviously feel rather pestered by tourists - we didn't exactly feel bad, as we were behaving decently and just walked past, but we could easily see how it could be a nusiance), and then made our way back to the corner of Bedford and Grove Street for the Friends building. I was quite amused that I was actually able to spot it from almost a block's distance... possibly I watch that series just a tad too much? But whom am I kidding?! There's no such thing as "too much" Friends ;)

We walked back up to Union Square via Scholastic (, I even managed to find the pub where we had lunch last!), and spent a lovely couple of hours first browsing in The Strand (still wish there was one of those closer by!) and Barnes & Nobles there and then relaxing over a cup of chocolate/coffee at the Pret a Manger nearby.

Once my legs felt remotely up to it again, we made our way home via 5th Avenue, past the Flatiron Building, as Henni really wanted a photo of that. I would have taken heaps too, if it wasn't for the fact that I did that last time, and it really hasn't changed much since ;)

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