Thursday, October 20, 2011

New York - Day 8

Day 8: Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end
Monday, October 3rd

... and so also this trip :( Fortunately, our shuttle didn't leave the hotel until noon (which also happens to be check-out time), so we had plenty of time to do the last bit of packing, and go for a last walk. Lars wanted to head up to Columbus Circle, as he hadn't made it up there earlier, and Henni and I both wanted to visit Times Square one last time (this is why we travel so well together - we often decide we want to do the same thing, independently of each other!)

Due to an amazing coincidence, we arrived back at the hotel at the exact same time. I'd just mentioned to Henni, how weird it would be if we saw Lars approach the lights while we were standing waiting to cross, to which she answered, "And there he is!" I thought she was joking at first, but nope. Funny :) (yes, I'm very easily amused ;) )

We got ourselves checked out and entertained ourselves in the lobby with the Friends quiz book Henni had bought earlier in the week. Unlike most Friends quizzes, this one was actually challenging enough that we couldn't answer every question... we could still answer most of them, though ;-)

The 3-hour wait in Newark was as boring as always (I know it's not the main airport of New York, but it still never ceases to surprise me how utterly DULL it is), but the Friends quiz helped speed that time along too (all in all we got through questions to 7.5 seasons during the trip ;) ), and thankfully everything about the flight home went completely smoothly, and we even landed almost an hour earlier than scheduled due to a heavy tailwind! Won't find me complaining :) Even less so when Henni and I took a side-trip to the ladies on the way down to the bagage claim, and by the time we got out again, Lars had managed to pick up all 3 suitcases, and there was nothing left for us to do, but go out and grab a cab home :-D

All in all - an excellent trip! I'm only sorry it couldn't've been longer.