Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family weekend

I've had a GREAT weekend though. Saturday Nina, Miriam and Isabella held their joined "Princess Birthday Party" (Isabella's idea) and yesterday my cousin Jakob was confirmed. We had a great time at both parties. As always, it was wonderful to spend time with my sisters and nieces/nephew and the weather was just perfect. Lars had lots of fun playing with Isabella and Jordan on Jakob's tramp :-D The more I see that guy together with the three kids, the more I see what a great father he's going to be. Isabella hurt herself on the tramp, and he immediately cuddled and kissed her to make it better. SO SWEET!

Lars and I drove Isabella and Jordan from the church to the place of the reception (7 mins walk) on our bikes, and I think that must have been the highlight of the day for them, because for the rest of the day they talked about how "Unce Lars and Aunt 'Ia" (sic) had given them bike rides :-D

I also got the chance to have a long talk with all three sisters which was definitely the highlight of my day. It's so seldom we have time to talk all four of us and JUST the four of us (without husbands and kids to interrupt us), but every time we do get the chance to do so, I'm reminded why my sisters are also my best friends :)

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