Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Lunch - Aftermath

Yesterday was absolutely brilliant! Lars and I both agree that this was actually the best Easter lunch so far. Not that that's any of my doing, because what was great about it was the atmosphere. Everybody had a great time. Everybody laughed together, talked together, had fun together. It was just perfect.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the evening:
The "adult" or "high" table:

The "kiddie" or "low" table:

This photo is pretty representative for the entire evening. Silly jokes and lots of laughter.

Dennis wouldn't give Frode any crackers, so Frode started singing "I get no kiks [crackers] from champagne..." and Dennis just couldn't handle it.

This is just a really good photo :) I'm going to get it developed and framed

Why I love Henni: I tell her "Do something silly" while having a camera in my hand. She puts her hand up and starts waving behind her head.

"The gang". Heads from left to right: Dennis, Frode, Henrik, me, Lars, Henni, Rikke, Wendy

Watching Jeff Dunham - GREAT way to end the evening :) People LOVED Peanut - and Lars and I love sharing the fun!

Again, I just like this photo

We put the chair up to put the camera on for the group photos, and afterwards it became a symbol: The party doesn't end until the chair is taken down" - so it stayed up the rest of the evening :-D

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