Sunday, March 30, 2008


Our turn to spring forward this weekend, so I'm TIRED! It's even worse for Lars, he forgot and didn't make it to bed until *much* too late - he got 4 hours of sleep. Silly man.

I wasn't planing on getting up this early, but Lars is going out to play soccer with some friends, and got me too awake to go back to sleep, so now I'm up... contemplating going to church. I wasn't expecting to, but now that I'm up anyway...

Henni came to visit yesterday - fun as always :-) We've decided to go to London the three of us this summer, so now we just need to get the last details sorted, but it'll be great. That way Lars can trainspot as much as he wants without me getting bored ;-) And I'll have somebody to go see a musical with.

As usual we played a lot of games - Settlers, Carcasonne, Munchkin, Murder etc. - and for once I actually won over Lars in a game of knowledge!!! That happens SO rarely that it's worth a mention :-D Bezzerwizzer is a Q/A game like Trivial Pursuit, but lots more fun (IMHO)

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